‘This is how we pay our bills’ Owner of veteran-run lawn care business says trailer, equipment stolen by suspected thieves

Pasadena, Texas – A veteran-owned and operated lawn care business said its trailer and equipment were stolen this week.

“This is how we pay our bills,” said Chad Milner, owner of Lawn Vets. “This is how we take care of our families.”

Milner said the trailer, which was parked at a Pasadena storage facility, was gone when he arrived on Thursday morning.

“You just feel defeated,” Milner said. “You feel angry. We’re out there just trying to work, you know, make a living and someone just comes in and takes everything you have within minutes is just a terrible feeling.”

He said his landscaping and lawn business employs veterans and he’s a veteran too.

Milner said the trailer had a lock and was dropped off at the storage lot on Wednesday evening.

“You have to have a pin code to get into the facility,” said Milner, who filed a report with police. “It’s a gate all the way around it and then there are cameras everywhere.”

Pasadena Police said they reviewed security footage. Police shared two pictures of the suspect vehicle, which they said is a GMC Yukon.

Lt. James Holt said the suspect vehicle came onto the property Wednesday night by passing through a gate after a different vehicle exited.

According to police, that Yukon was later seen exiting with the victim’s trailer and equipment towed behind.

“Without this, we just literally have nothing,” Milner said.

So far, Holt said police have not identified any suspects in the theft case.

KPRC 2 left contact information with the storage facility for comment but we have not heard back yet.

Milner said his stuff was stolen from a different place back in 2019.