Typhoon Texas opens positions to 15-year-olds for the first time, raises starting pay

Typhoon Texas (Typhoon Texas Houston)

Typhoon Texas announced it will raise starting pay and is opening positions to 15-year-olds for the first time.

According to a press release, Typhoon Texas is increasing its starting pay for part-time seasonal team members to $9 per hour.

Another change in the company includes the hiring of those 15 years of age.

Per the release, positions available to 15-year-olds include shallow-water lifeguards, front gate, and food and beverage team members.

According to Typhoon Texas director of marketing John Pham, the company receives a significant amount of applications to work from 15-year-olds and this will be the first summer that Typhoon Texas is able to open up new opportunities suitable for their age.

Typhoon Texas opens for the 2022 season weekends beginning April 16 and daily starting Memorial Day weekend.

Interested applicants can apply for available positions at www.typhoontexas.com.

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