Hertz files thousands of auto theft reports against customers annually

The car rental giant is facing a class-action lawsuit

New information: Hertz releases number of police reports filed.

HOUSTON – The Hertz Corporation is under fire for filing police reports for auto theft.

Hundreds of former customers across the country claim they were unfairly targeted, accused, and sometimes arrested at gunpoint after Hertz falsely claimed they had stolen rental cars.

Hertz vigorously denies the claim.

KPRC 2 Investigates has already reported extensively on the matter.

Hertz Corp. Legal Filing (KPRC2)

Hertz recently disclosed in a legal filing that, on average, the company files 3,365 theft reports per year in connection with rental vehicles.

“If you take their average of 3,500 a year and multiply it out, say five or six years, we’re talking about 20,000 people who were thrown into the criminal justice system who were Hertz customers,” Attorney, Francis Malofiy, told KPRC 2 Investigates.

KPRC 2, by email, contacted Hertz for a response to this article. No return email was received by late Friday afternoon.

In the past, Hertz Corp. has maintained they have treated customers fairly, and filed police reports as a last resort.

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