HPD Shootout: Illegally modified gun used to injure 3 HPD officers shoots 50 rounds in 5 seconds

“Glock Switch” conversion makes semi-automatic 9mm, fully-automatic

Here's what we know

HOUSTON – The gun found on the front seat of a car used in a shootout with Houston police officers on Thursday afternoon was illegally modified to dispatch 50 rounds in about five seconds.

The Glock 17 9mm handgun contained a “full-auto sear” conversion, which allowed it to be fired rapidly.

Such conversions can be legally done by certain members of the population, like licensed gun dealers who apply for and receive permission, but the general public is prohibited from possessing such a gun.

The single-piece mechanism can be machined by people with the knowledge to do so, and the part can also be obtained from vendors, typically located overseas.

On the streets, the modified gun is typically known as a “Glock switch.”

Modified Glock 9mm (KPRC2)

The drum magazine attached to the gun, seen in the photo is legal for purchase in Texas by the general public.

VIDEO: See the same type of gun in action, courtesy of Full Armor Firearms in Houston.