‘We are hurt’: Family members mourning death of woman who was killed at candlelight vigil in Baytown

Deputies are investigating the deadly shooting that happened at a vigil over the weekend

Friends and family members are outraged after authorities said someone opened fire into a crowd during a candlelight vigil for a recent murder victim, Jamal Narcisse, in Baytown over the weekend.

“It’s messed up man. Messed up. My sister, my cousin did not deserve that,” said Myria Nevels, cousin of victim Disha Allen.

The 25-year-old now leaves behind a 4-year-old daughter.

“How am I going to tell that to my little niece?” she asked. “How am I supposed to explain it to her?”

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said Allen was killed and 13 others were injured during a drive-by shooting Sunday night at 1403 North Market Loop in Baytown.

Duane Cormier said he was struck in the back.

“I had no feeling in my leg at the time. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t feel it.”

Cormier said he laid on the ground for a bit, trying to get help.

“I laid there and this one guy I knew walked by and I hollered his name, he said what’s up? I said, ‘Can you drag me out the way,’ but it was still gunfire, so he had to leave for a second. He did come back and drug me to the car over there,” Cormier described.

He said ultimately, he was taken to Houston Methodist Hospital before going to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

“By the Grace of God, that’s why I’m up walking around,” Cormier said. “There [wasn’t any] luck to that cause my life flashed before my face. I just asked God to take my soul at that time.”

Cormier said there were several children at the vigil. He said he has no words for the shooters and doesn’t understand how a night of fun turned deadly.

“I don’t know what could have sparked this because we were out here for hours. Everything was going smooth, no problems at all.”

There isn’t any information on the shooter. Gonzalez said the suspected gunman was believed to be in a dark-colored sedan. According to deputies, they found a vehicle that was set on fire and matches the description of the vehicle the suspect was in.

Disha Allen’s family is calling for anyone with information to share it.

“My family is hurt. My aunty and uncles are hurt. We are hurt.”

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