Astros fan scammed: Houston woman said she paid $500 for World Series tickets she never received

She says she jumped at the idea to grab tickets to World Series game 2 after finding an ad on the Offer Up app listing two tickets for 500 dollars each.

HOUSTON – When it comes to the Astros, Esmeralda Anguiano considers herself a super fan.

“Forever, since they were in Astro Dome,” Anguiano said.

She said she jumped at the idea to grab tickets to Game 2 of the World Series after finding an ad on the Offer Up app, which listed two tickets for $500 each.

“He said, ‘Yes, I have it. Just send me through whatever application, Cash App or Zelle,’” Anguiano said.

She said she felt comfortable because she used Offer Up before to successfully purchase tickets to a 2019 Astros World Series game, but this time, she said whoever was on the other side of the screen, took her money and ran.

“He told me this is my fiancés Zelle account, so I sent the money, the $500. So the minutes passed, and I asked him for the ticket, and no ticket,” Anguiano said.

She said eventually the person stopped responding to her altogether.

“I said ‘You know what? I’m calling my bank. Thank you anyway, with a crying face,’” Anguiano said.

Wednesday, she found the same person posted another ad claiming to sell the tickets for $50 cheaper. Furthermore, she’s been getting several requests to send hundreds more through Cash App.

KPRC 2 called the number associated with the Zelle account and the other number listed on the ad, but didn’t get an answer. Now, Anguiano is warning others.

“Don’t buy tickets through any application or online because they’re not secure,” Anguiano said.

If you plan to buy something from someone online, investigators say you should meet at a police station to make the transaction in person.

Anguiano said her bank told her Zelle transactions are final so they can’t give her her money back. She said she plans to file a police report.

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