Conroe apartment residents see sweeping change just days after exposed conditions

Repairs underway after report on mold and rodents

CONROE, Texas – A relentless advocate for a community in Conroe has been able to bring changes to an apartment complex that badly needed it. KPRC 2 first reported about the Tall Timbers Apartments on Sept. 21, and days later, the community advocate and residents said rapid changes are now being made.

Residents said they are hopeful to have more livable conditions.

The Tall Timbers Apartments in Conroe has a new hustle and bustle. Residents said there is a lot of activity: renovations, painting, flooring and installation.

“I just want to see the kids have something special here,” Ladon Johnson, founder of non-profit Good Brothers & Sisters of Montgomery County, said.

Johnson grew up in this neighborhood, sleeping on the very steps that are now filled with paint buckets. This complex means a lot to Johnson. So when Johnson saw many of the residents living in deplorable conditions, including moldy walls, rotted walls, and rat-infested units, Johnson could not sit and do anything.

“We have to step up and step out. We can’t be scared,” Johnson said.

On Sept. 21, Johnette Davis and Rosalynn Kizzee invited KPRC 2 into their apartments and showed KPRC 2 the black mold, holes, filth and other conditions they were living in claiming they made their families sick.

Johnson had been fighting to help their conditions for months. After KPRC’s story aired Tuesday, Johnson said he was contacted by the apartment leadership who promised they would make necessary repairs. 

“They were literally on the property the next day,” Johnson said.

Johnson said his conversations with leadership were productive.

“They apologized. They [said the apartments] had been overlooked,” Johnson said. “There’s a lot going on and they apologized for it.”

Johnson said the day after, the apartment leadership, management and corporate assessed the situation and began to implement changes that the residents saw right away. Davis and Kizzee have been temporarily relocated and will have renovated units, according to Johnson.

“Those apartments are actually being gutted out as we speak,” Johnson said.

Not only that, many residents are reporting a major improvement.

Alyshia Charles told KPRC 2 she had a broken stove since October, which caused a fire. Management replaced it right away.

“They got me a new stove that day,” Charles said.

Charles said she sits on her balcony a lot and has noticed changes being made for many of her neighbors.

“[First], I see nobody. This week, I see everybody,” Charles said.

The bustle of repairs was evident. Drilling, painting and reorganizing was the main activity in Jennifer Anderson’s unit.

“They’re in here right now doing my whole kitchen,” Anderson said.

New appliances, paint, and the gaping hole in her ceiling have finally been repaired.

“You can’t even see it anymore,” Anderson said.

Residents said this was a huge change.

“It was a big change as soon as [management] came,” Anderson said.

Anderson said she is thankful for management and the help of Johnson.

“Without his help, we would probably still be figuring this out,” Anderson said.

Johnson said he’s now collaborating with apartment leadership.

“This is pretty much the model home for the new improved units,” Johnson said pointing to new hard floors, clean, mold-free walls and kitchen appliances.

“So, that carpet is ripped out, they got some flooring,” Johnson said.

Many residents tell KPRC, this new change is an empowering glimmer of hope.

“They’re helping, they’re trying, they’re doing their best,” Charles said with a smile.

Johnson said he will continue to work with apartment leadership to make sure they follow through. He is also working on bringing potential programming to the complex to provide more support for residents at Tall Timbers Apartments.