‘I was going a little fast’: Audio released from traffic stop involving Fort Bend Co. Judge KP George

The Dash camera audio cut off in the middle of the incident
The Dash camera audio cut off in the middle of the incident

FORT BEND COUNTY – Dashcam video from a Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Deputy’s patrol car captured Ft. Bend County Judge KP George being pulled over on June 18 at 8:30 a.m.

Judge George said he was on his way to host the county’s inaugural Juneteenth celebration when the deputy pulled him over in front of the county sheriff’s office on Richmond Parkway.

“I know I was going a little fast,” George said.

That statement was captured on the microphone the deputy was wearing at the time of the traffic stop. The deputy asked George for his driver’s license and proof of insurance before identifying himself.

“Do you really want my driver’s license?” George asked.

“Yes sir, it’s my policy. I’m well aware of who you are. I’m going to log your information and get you well on your way very quickly,” the deputy said.

The deputy went on to explain he had to follow policy.

“You should follow this every time. If I hear you didn’t follow that every time I would be very upset,” George said.

“I understand,” the deputy answered.

On Tuesday, a week after KPRC 2 first contacted George’s office for comment about the incident, we received a statement, in which the judge said he complied and explained that the has was running late.

“On June 18 at 8:30 AM in the morning while en route to the inaugural Countywide Juneteenth Celebration, the first with Federal designation, which my office was hosting, at the historic courthouse, I was pulled over by a Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Deputy in front of the County Sheriff’s office on Richmond Parkway. During a brief exchange with the officer, I complied with his request and explained that I was running late for a live press event for this Historic Juneteenth day at the Courthouse. My tone, as with anyone else who has been in a hurry for an appointment or meeting, was rushed. I was issued a warning and released. My goal is to always have a constructive and mutually respectful relationship between the community and our men and women in blue who put their lives on the line for us each and every day. This is no exception,” the statement read.

George was issued a warning and released. The exchange continued between George and the deputy, but about 40 seconds into the roughly three-minute traffic stop, the audio suddenly ended.

The Ft. Bend County Sheriff’s Office blamed it on a technical glitch in the deputy’s audio base and mic. Both have since been replaced. They also added that once the department receives their body cameras, they won’t have to worry about incidents like this happening.

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