Man rescues 2-year-old walking along the Northwest Freeway

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Dominique Edwards cannot stop thinking about what he saw while driving home late Tuesday night in north Harris County.

“I still think what could have happened,” Edwards said. “I had nightmares that night.”

Edwards discovered a 2-year-old walking along the feeder road of Northwest Freeway near Vista Drive.

“At that moment, I just kind of blanked out,” he said.

Edwards called for help and posted a video on social media hoping someone knew something about the little girl.

“I can’t stop crying. I don’t even know what to think right now. I’m praying to God it’s some kind of mistake,” Edwards said in the video.

Authorities said they were able to get the child to safety and started trying to locate the toddler’s family.

After some searching, constable deputies said they found an open door at a nearby Super 8 motel where two other children, aged 8 and 3, were asleep inside.