Galveston’s ‘rubber-wheeled trolleys’ to return this holiday weekend

"Rubber-wheeled" trolleys
"Rubber-wheeled" trolleys (City of Galveston)

HOUSTON – Galveston’s “rubber-wheeled trolleys” will return this holiday weekend for people who want to travel along the Seawall and downtown.

Beginning Friday, the trolleys will return to operating on their downtown and Seawall routes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The trolleys will continue operating Friday through Sunday throughout April.

According to a news release from Galveston officials, the city will then assess April ridership to determine whether or not to extend the trolley days of operation and hours.

The fare for the rubber wheel trolleys is $1 for adults, while children accompanied by adults ride free. Drivers are unable to make change so riders are asked to have the exact fare ready.

See routes here.

The rubber wheel trolleys are different from the historic rail trolleys, a news release notes. Galveston officials said the rail trolleys have been refurbished and are being tested currently. Once the rail trolleys finish testing and receive certification, the service will resume. Officials said this could happen as early as this summer.

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