7 things doctors want parents to know about the COVID vaccine and kids

While the vaccine is not ready yet for kids, there is still plenty of information parents need to know right now. From babies to teens, we are answering your questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and our kids.

In our Ask 2 Live “Kids and Vaccine” event, we invited viewers to join in our discussion with Dr. Stanley Spinner, Chief Medical Officer at Texas Children’s Pediatrics and Texas Children’s Urgent Care, and Dr. Michael Chang, a pediatric infectious disease specialist with UTHealth and UT Physicians. Here are a few of the questions and answers from our informative talk.

1. Are there any children who should NOT get the vaccine?

“It’s going to be the same restrictions that we see in our adult population,” Dr. Spinner said. “Someone who has had a reaction to the components of the vaccine before or someone who is actively sick at the time. That is a reason to delay the vaccine.”

Dr. Spinner explains those who have underlying conditions are at the highest risk for getting really sick from the infection.

“The primary concern would be a severe allergy to any components to the vaccine.” Dr. Chang said.

2. I’m nervous at the thought of getting my child vaccinated. What can you tell reluctant parents like me to reassure them?

“I’m a father as well. (I) have two kids. I do understand some reluctance,” Dr. Chang said. “There are two things to keep in mind. mRNA vaccines have been investigated for over a decade. In all of those studies in science that has been ongoing for years, both of these delivery systems have been safe in the recipients.”

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