Felon accused of raping teen girl was awaiting trial on 3 other crimes

David St. John is seen in a mug shot released to KPRC 2 on Jan. 25, 2021.
David St. John is seen in a mug shot released to KPRC 2 on Jan. 25, 2021.

HOUSTON – David St. John is a violent, career criminal with six felony convictions and three trips to state prison on his record. He is now accused in a child rape case that happened while he was free on bond in three other cases.

St. John is accused of taking the 16-year-old girl to a hotel in the 8900 block of Fallbrook Drive last Friday, drugging her, beating her and raping her for hours at gunpoint.

At the time, St. John was awaiting trial for three other crimes, including possession of the pistol he is accused of using during the rape.

Crime Stoppers victims’ advocate Andy Kahan said it shouldn’t have happened.

“He’s already on two (personal recognizance) bonds, he gets charged with another felony, auto theft,” Kahan said. “That should have been it.”

“So he gets back out again, and that brings us to where we are today,” Kahan added. “One of the most horrific, sadistic sexual assault cases that I’ve looked at in quite some years, and I’m thinking, ‘This should never have happened.’”

The bonds were issued by the 182nd District Court with Judge Danilo Lacayo presiding. The court did not respond to a request for an interview about why St. John was granted bond.

In the video below, St. John can be seen punching another person in court before being wrestled down by a deputy and placed in handcuffs. It’s not clear why St. John punched the person.

The problem of violent felons committing crimes while free on multiple bonds has become so acute, the Texas Legislature is expected to use this session to debate bills aimed at forcing judges to get tougher with violent, career offenders.