5 Dollar Tree items to update your décor without depleting your bank account

HOUSTON – If you are ready to redecorate your home but you don’t have the budget for an interior designer or a bunch of high-end décor, go to the Dollar Tree. It is probably the last place you would think to look for home décor but we asked Catasha Singleton, the owner of Mod Chic Interiors to show us how to make Dollar Tree finds look fabulous.

“I love completing spaces or transforming spaces to something people could not have envisioned themselves,” Catasha told consumer expert Amy Davis.

We asked her to help us create awesome looks with finds from Dollar Tree. On a single trip, Catasha purchased these items she says can add flair to any room.

Glass vases in various shapes

Dollar Tree always has glass vessels you can for different projects. Catasha used a small low profile round vase to hold make-up brushes. In a square vase, she added decorative rocks, also $1 at Dollar Tree and a battery-operated tea light for her patio.

Tchotchkes to decorate shelving

You obviously won’t find furniture at the dollar store. Catasha says you should spend the bulk of your budget on your big pieces. Use $1 tchotchkes to fill the spaces.

Small mirrors

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