Goodwill’s new concept stores are like going to 200 garage sales in 2 hours

HOUSTON – If you love thrifting and hunting for treasure, you should check out Goodwill’s new outlet stores. The stores are completely different from traditional Goodwill locations. One shopper said it’s like going to 200 to 300 garage sales in two hours.

What is a Goodwill Outlet?

These stores are the end of the line for Goodwill items that didn’t sell after four weeks in regular stores. Instead of recycling the items that never sold, Goodwill gives them one last run in an outlet. Everything is dumped into big bins that customers fish through. Bins are lined up to form aisles or rows and every six to 10 minutes, Goodwill employees rotate the bins. The longest last-chance merchandise stays on the floor in a Goodwill Outlet is 90 minutes.

You pay by the pound, not the item. You can fill an entire cart or just buy one shirt. The price is $2.19 a pound. We found a button-down boy’s shirt with the tags still on it showing the original price of $36. After the Goodwill Outlet clerk weighed it, we paid just $0.53 for the shirt.

Where are Houston area Goodwill Outlets?

There are currently three in our area with a 4th coming soon.

  • Long Point Outlet Store- 7960 Long Point Rd., Houston, TX 77055
  • Gessner Outlet Store- 8225 S. Gessner Rd., Houston, TX 77036
  • Sabo Outlet Store- 10998- A Fuqua St., Houston, TX 77089

This video above was taped pre-pandemic which is why no one is wearing masks. To enter the stores now, you must wear a mask and practice social distancing.