Houston ISD will not require students to wear uniforms this school year

Second grade students at Roswell B. Mason Elementary School on the South Side react to a visit from Mayor Lori Lightfoot on the first day back to class after a Chicago Teachers Union strike closed schools for 11 days, Friday morning, Nov. 1, 2019. (Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Chicago Sun-Times via AP) (Ashlee Rezin Garcia)

Students attending school in Houston ISD this year won’t have to wear a uniform.

The news was posted by Houston ISD Family & Community Engagement on Twitter and retweeted by the district.

At the soonest, students will be welcomed back to school on Monday, Oct. 19 to participate in face-to-face instruction after completing the first grading period online.

The district recently announced the first day of school has been postponed from Monday, Aug. 24 to Tuesday, Sept. 8, and all students will engage in at-home virtual instruction through Friday, Oct. 16.

For more information and the latest updates regarding Houston ISD’s reopening plan, click here.

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