Handling stress during the coronavirus pandemic

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Stress is all around us during normal times, but during a pandemic the challenge of managing it becomes tremendous.

The Counseling Connection for change is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping us cope with the pressures of life. Dawn Lawless is the CEO and co-founder and says several issues rise to the surface.

How big is the problem?

“We are absolutely seeing a rise in calls for anxiety and some mood adjustments so people are struggling with the isolation and they’re struggling with being alone and not having access to resources they need to really be able to get help,” Lawless said.

What are the signs?

“If you identify a friend or a family member who all of a sudden has changed in their mood, there’s high anxiety or there’s anger or there’s rage that wasn’t there before, maybe you’re seeing them sleep too much or maybe they’re not sleeping enough,” Lawless said. “Those are all indicators that we need to start asking questions.”

Simple steps to cope

“Just disengage from the media,” Lawless said. “Whether it means turning off our phones, turning off our television and just talking to people. We need to connect as much as we can. The other thing I highly recommend is that we take time to meditate every day.”

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