What Houstonians are saying about Harris County’s mask order

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File (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images) (2009 Getty Images)

HOUSTON – Harris County’s mask order went into effect Monday, and businesses in Houston are working to comply.

Click2houston.com asked our Facebook followers what they thought of the order and here’s a sampling of what they said:

For a mask order

“Yes, because some people are selfish and inconsiderate refusing to wear one. Be an adult and think of others and not just yourself.” - Patricia Wright

“Yes. If you don’t want to act responsibly in public, then you can choose to stay home.” - Elaine Fernandez

“We can’t stay home forever and all the people out without a mask keep spreading the virus! Stop and be responsible!” - Janice Loocke

“Probably not, but how helpful is it really? Are you cleaning or using a different mask every time you use one? Look how many germs are on that mask when you take it off and then put it back on, even if you do sanitize your hands you’ve been around pollutants. I just stay home so I don’t have to deal with it.” - Barbara Ingram Bagley

Against a mask order

“I’m not in Harris County, but if I go there, I will comply. I’m not selfish, and I don’t want the businesses fined. What selfish people said NO? Ugh.” - Paula Long

“So many people are not wearing masks. That should be their choice not a mandate. I choose to stay out of crowds and to protect myself.” - Juanita Hood

“I already wear masks in public willingly, but I won’t support any fines to FORCE people to wear masks. If they want to enforce the wearing of masks, they better have a mask available to give upon enforcement.” - Carla Dimacali

“I’ll shop in Montgomery county since I work there anyways, I’ll avoid stores in Harris County if possible.” - Albino Ruiz

“Healthy people do not need masks. They can, in fact, make healthy people sick. If sick people would stay home, the virus would not be spread.” - Kimberly Taylor

“Agree with mandatory mask wearing, but NOT the fining of businesses when customers or employees refuse to wear masks.” - Diana Hall

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