Astros’ Alex Bregman responds after Twitter user tells him to ‘stick to baseball'


HOUSTON – Alex Bregman responded to a Twitter user this week who told him to “stick to baseball” after the star player responded to a tweet about the KKK.

On Monday morning, a tweet posted by user @Negrodamus asked if the KKK was considered a terrorist organization. The Tweet was in reference to President Donald Trump naming Antifa a terrorist organization.

The Astros third baseman retweeted the tweet with the comment, “should be.”

One tweet made by @texrealtor_2020 told Bregman to “stick to baseball before you lose 75% of your fanbase."

Bregman was quick to fire back at the user 13 minutes later with a response to the now-deleted tweet.

“If hating the KKK loses me fans, then I hope I lose them," he wrote.

The responses to Bregman’s comment was mostly positive. He has been active on Twitter recently — both Tweeting and retweeting — about George Floyd’s death.

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