Truck carrying man, woman and baby flies off freeway after being hit by street racers in NE Houston: HPD

HOUSTON – A truck with a man, woman and baby in it flew off the North Freeway after it was involved in a crash that may have involved street racers Thursday night, police said.

Police said the incident happened on northbound 45 and Little York at around 10:30 p.m. Responding units located a pickup truck upside down on Little York below North Freeway and two vehicles on the main lanes of 45, one of which was on fire.

“It was two cars, they were drag racing. They were weaving in and out of traffic,” witness Jeremy Robertson said.

Robertson said the two speeding cars clipped three vehicles, then chaos erupted.

“There was a car up there that had exploded that burst into flames,” said Robertson. “Three vehicles ended up in the wreck. One fell over and came over the top of the overpass,” said Houston Police Lt. Barrow.

Shimara Mitchell said she was on the feeder road below and saw the truck smash into the pavement.

“I parked and I ran and there was a baby and I got the baby out,” said Mitchell.

Witnesses said they also pulled a man from the truck. However, a woman was strapped inside. Authorities extricated her, then all three were taken to the hospital.