SUPPORT LOCAL: This coffee shop owner says he provided coffee and iced tea for volunteers and first responders after Hurricane Harvey

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What is Tree House Craft Coffee and Frozen Yogurt?

Tree House Craft Coffee & Frozen Yogurt is a unique specialty coffee shop with a self-serve frozen yogurt bar. The shop has a variety of offerings including espresso-based drinks, multiple versions of cold-brewed coffees, organic loose leaf teas and 12 flavors of frozen yogurt with a 32-topping bar.

How did the business start?

The owners rebranded and remodeled the shop in 2015. “Our son was only 3 months old when we decided to take the punch," the owner wrote to KPRC. “We were also newlyweds so we definitely had our hands full.” The business received a great response from the community for the first few months but everything took a turn for the worse when the two-year road construction began on Memorial Drive. “Traffic was awful and customers were having a hard time turning into the plaza and then hurricane Harvey hit. Our plaza wasn’t flooded but most of our customers lost everything. It was devastating. We’re located near the reservoirs. Our plaza became a base. When it was safe for us to commute to our shop to check on things, we opened our doors and let the volunteers and first responders use our restrooms. We brought in our generator and hooked up the espresso and ice machine and made coffee and iced tea for everyone. Life in the community eventually returned to normal and the big road/drainage construction wrapped up. Business began to pick back up. We even had to rearrange furniture around and built more tables to accommodate the surge in customers. We used our own money and took out a credit card line to remodel and rebrand. We didn’t use any crowdfunding for the business and we recently paid off our credit card debt. It was such a huge relief.”

Where is Tree House Craft Coffee and Frozen Yogurt located?

Tree House Craft Coffee and Frozen Yogurt is located at 14008 Memorial Drive Suite B.

How is Tree House Craft Coffee and Frozen Yogurt dealing with current challenges?

“We are pretty devastated about the current health crisis but we completely understand the importance of the city/county order and are happy to oblige,” the owner wrote. “We miss our patrons! We have some of the most loyal customers! Some come in every day, some come in multiple times a day. As soon as, the city ordered all restaurants to close the dining area and move to takeout and delivery we wasted no time on creating the online order option. We updated our website with that option and have been offering curbside pickup. We have a lot of people who use our shop as their office. We’re hoping for normalcy soon and praying for our healthcare workers, those who have been affected by this virus, and the mental health of the community!”

How can you support this business during the coronavirus pandemic?

You can help this business by ordering online for curbside pickup or ordering for delivery through DoorDash, Uber Eats or Favor.

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