Houston families virtually celebrate Passover Seder

HOUSTON – This year faced with a coronavirus pandemic, families will not be celebrating a typical Passover Seder, a ritual feast that marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover.

But due to necessary social distancing, many Jewish families are now taking part in 'virtual' Seders.

"We'll literally have people in different cities, in different time zones coming together to take part in Seder as best we can facing the circumstances," said Jason Plotkin, who took part in a virtual Seder.

The Plotkin family joined other families to take part in one of the most celebrated Jewish holidays. And while they’re not able to be together in person, the meaning is all the same.

“It brings us together,” Plotkin said. “It’s connecting us. No matter what anyone’s seder looks like, they should know that it’s enough you do what you can.”

That was also the case for Marna Meyer and her family.

They set up a table and embraced a more traditional Seder, joining Congregation Brith Shalom virtually.

"Many congregations this evening felt that the community really needs the power of community," Meyer said.

This is a community at its best, she said.

Although many families would ordinarily be together under one roof to celebrate Passover, Meyer said families are still thankful to see each other through technology.

"You know I say in today's time, thank God we have Zoom to be able to do this," Meyer said.

“You might not have everything down. It might not be perfect, but who cares you’re celebrating the holiday with family and friends. That’s what’s most important about this holiday,” said Plotkin.

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