How Fort Bend County is enforcing non-essential business closures

According to a Fort Bend County constable, questions have started to trickle in from citizens concerned about what businesses can and can’t be open under the county ‘Stay at Home’ order.

This week, the constable Wayne Thompson started enforcing compliance on non-essential businesses that have remained open.

On Monday, Thompson made visits to two local stores in question.

“We had two stores, Paradise Grills and Relax the Back store, that were still operating and in business,” Thompson said.

According to the constable, neither business is considered essential.

Store managers at both locations did not offer comment to KPRC.

Both businesses cooperated and agreed to close their doors temporarily, Thompson told KPRC.

Another frequent question Thompson is answering for the community concerns golf courses.

Thompson said golf courses are allowed to remain open under the ‘Stay at Home’ order but it comes with stipulations.

“The lounges, cafeterias, and bars have to be closed. The golfers must go straight to the golf cart,” Thompson said.

The constable followed up on three complaints regarding area golf courses and said all were in compliance with the Fort Bend County’s order.

“We are not trying to hunt down business owners and shut them down," Thompson said. “The biggest issue is public safety and the order can’t be ignored.”

Business owners could potentially face a $1000 dollar fine if they are found in violation.

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