Thief steals medical equipment from emergency response station

HOUSTON – During a time of crisis, brazen criminals are still hard at work.

One crook was caught on camera breaking into an Acute Medical Services EMS station early Monday morning.

"He cased the building from inside, he walked around and looked around to see what he wanted to steal," said Director of Operations Christopher Shankle.

After getting into the building, the unidentified man steals much-needed medical equipment, including several computers and scanners used by paramedics.

"I was a little bit frustrated and aggravated because now you're taken away for the management team that's in the middle of a pandemic that's supposed to be handling a crisis," said Operations Supervisor Rusty Zipprian.

A medic was also fast asleep in a dorm room inside the building, after a full day of running calls, as the crime was carried out.

"He did try to enter that room, but because the door was locked under a keypad, he wasn't able to make the entry, and we are thankful he didn't make the entry," Shankle said.

The thief is still on the run.

The EMS staff is hopeful someone will recognize him to land thief behind bars and to get their equipment back.

“Stealing, especially from people who put their lives on the line on a daily basis community, is really egregious,” said Shankle.

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