League City pet hotel gives 5-star treatment to 9 rescued dogs during coronavirus crisis

LEAGUE CITY – Thuy and Judd Gottlieb are dog lovers helping during a time of crisis.

The couple, owners of Mount Pleasant Avenue, a boutique dog hotel in League City, saw a social media post from Bayou Animal Services announcing they were closing. An employee at shelter may have been exposed to coronavirus. The Dickinson shelter needed to find foster homes for their dogs and cats.

The Gottlieb’s took in nine dogs and gave them five-star treatment at their pet hotel.

“They’ve had pajama parties, we’ve given them bottle service, the kids are ordering room service, massages. They’re living it up!” Gottlieb said.

The community has also stepped in to assist.

“The support has been overwhelming," Gottlieb said. "People have been calling in wanting to drop off food, donations. It’s really neat to see in times like this you really see the best in people.”

The dogs are available for adoption at Bayou Animal Services in Dickinson.