VIDEO: Man helps get neighbors to safety during fire at apartment complex in west Houston

HOUSTON – Intense flames ripped through a third-floor apartment Thursday night as frantic neighbors rush to help evacuate others in west Houston.

The fire occurred around 5:50 p.m. in at the Diamond Hill Apartment on the 9400 block Westheimer Road, according to the Houston Fire Department.

"I started coughing... and I turned around and I (saw) a bunch of smoke. My adrenaline started pumping, so I started running," said Jamil Taylor, who helped to get his neighbors to safety.

Taylor said after he saw the flames, and then he quickly worked to help get his neighbor that was standing outside of her burning apartment.

"I was just scared for her safety because I was wondering why she was trying to get back inside of her apartment as bad as this fire was in the smoke. You can feel the heat," Taylor said.

Taylor said after rescued one neighbor, he back to make sure everyone in the complex got to safety.

"But the smoke was so bad I couldn't get past her apartment," he said.

Dozen of firefighters were on the scene within minutes and put out the fire. Investigators said they believe the fire started in the kitchen. The fire destroyed the unit and damaged a handful of others.

Firefighters said no one was hurt in the fire.

" The fire department did a good job when they got here. They did a damn good job. I’m glad everybody safe. Because everybody over here is real neighborly. We look out for each other," said Taylor.

Here is a video from the fire at Diamond Hill Apartment:

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