Famed Houston-area attorney Steven ‘Rocket’ Rosen dies

HOUSTON – Houston-area attorney Steven “Rocket” Rosen has died after being diagnosed with ALS two years ago.

Rosen’s death was announced Tuesday on Twitter by the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office, where he served as a prosecutor.

“Rocket, it was our honor to know you,” the tweet read.

Rosen was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, about two years ago. He talked to KPRC 2 in 2018 about his battle with the disease that attacks the nervous system.

“There’s no cure," Rosen said during the interview. "There is no medication. There’s no pill.”

Rosen said his illness had made him more thoughtful. He began putting down his thoughts in videos about life lessons that found an audience of Facebook and YouTube.

“I love Houston, Texas," Rosen said in 2018. "Look what it gave me: a wife, children and education, a job, the best med facilities in the world (and) the best friends in the world,” Rosen said.

In addition to his family and friends, Rosen said his proudest accomplishments came as a leading criminal defense lawyer for 35 years. He argued 14 capital murder cases, representing defendants which included members of the Branch Davidians.

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