Fat reduction machine aims to help with New Year’s resolutions for better health

It’s a new year, and new body goals are what’s on everyone’s mind.

For Houston author/speaker Kachelle Kelly, this is the time for her to get working towards the future.

“I wanna get a jump start on my summer time fine, okay!" she said.

Like most, Kelly is looking for way to maximize her results at the beginning of this new year, so she recently consulted with a Houston Plastic Surgeon about a new fat reduction technology.

New way to tighten and tone

No matter if the end goal is to shed pounds, trim inches from the tummy or shape a curve, most turn to diets and the gym to hit those goals.

But now, a new non-surgical, fat reduction machine is said to offer patients the same tightening and toning results without the sweat and hard work of the gym, or downtime of traditional plastic surgery.

“We see the demand for non-surgical treatments escalating each year, so it’s very exciting to be able to deliver a machine and a device that will give you the results that patients want," Kachelle Kelly said.

Dr. Camille Cash is a board certified plastic surgeon, and the first in Texas to perform these non-surgical, hands-free body treatments using the Evolve machine by Inmode.

“You can do a 30-minute session with tone and you’ll walk out and feel like you’ve done a 1,000 stomach crunches or a thousand squats, and you’ll see improvement," Cash said.

The device works on three modes to help reshape the body, tight, trim and tone.

“For tight and trim, the device uses radiofrequency, or heat energy to help create collagen remodeling or fat reduction," Cash said. "At these target temperatures of 43 degrees Celsius, you will see collagen stimulation, collagen building. You’ll see fat reduction, and that is how tight and trim work. For tone, it is using electrical stimulation for muscle hypertrophy.”

The procedures are 30 minutes each and since it requires no incisions or anesthesia, the patient is awake as the machine works.

“Patients can be on their phone, checking their emails, checking social media," she said. "You can take a nap.”

Cost-effective with no downtime

The procedure is $2,200 for six sessions of one targeted area. For additional areas, the cost drops down to $1,500 per six sessions.

Cash says the procedure is ideal for patients with body mass index between 30 and 35 who are looking to reduce fat or tone their abdomen, back, and thighs.

“Before we would say surgery is your only option," Cash said. “Or go exercise or go lose weight. But now we really have something that ties in with everything.”

Cash says most patients will begin to see results after as few as three treatments with the Evolve machine, and at the six-month mark, most will have reached their desired body goals.

The biggest benefit she says is that it is pain-free and patients have no downtime.

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