FIRST LOOK: 3 fabulously decadent Rodeo foods rolling out in 2020

Foods coming to the Houston Rodeo in 2020.
Foods coming to the Houston Rodeo in 2020. (Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo)

HOUSTON – The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will feature at least three new unique food offerings in 2020.

Rodeo officials shared a look at three fried menu items coming to this year’s show, which will be unveiled this week at a private event.

However, we got a look at the menu items ahead of time. Here they are:

Black Gold Truffles

While the descriptions of these foods haven’t been released yet, the photo tells at least part of the story. Whipped topping and a cherry crown a fried confection of truffles covered in hot fudge.

Black Gold Truffles
Black Gold Truffles (Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo)

Mac and Cheese Egg Rolls

These flaky-looking egg rolls are filled with macaroni, cheese and bacon.

Mac and Cheese Eggrolls
Mac and Cheese Eggrolls (Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo)

Cheetos Cheese Pickles

This dish appears to be a blissful combination of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, pickles and cheese. Can you already feel the burn?

Cheetos Cheese Pickles
Cheetos Cheese Pickles (Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo)

What new menu item are you looking forward to trying most at this year’s rodeo? Let us know in the comments.

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