Henderson’s mother, her boyfriend arrested in connection with helping him hide from police

Tavores Henderson had plenty of helping in eluding the police for two days.

HOUSTON – The mother of Tavores Henderson and a man identified by authorities as her boyfriend were arrested Thursday for helping Henderson stay under the radar the last few days.

Both Henderson and Wheeler are in custody charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon, a third-degree felony.

A vehicle belonging to Geoffrey Wheeler was at the scene of Henderson’s arrest Thursday.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office says Wheeler and Henderson’s mother, Tiffany Henderson shuttled Tavores Henderson to a motel shortly after the death of the police Sgt. Kaila Sullivan.

Investigators say a motel on the south side of Houston is one of the last-known places murder suspect Tavores Henderson was recorded at while on the run after he allegedly murdered Nassau Bay police officer Kaila Sullivan Tuesday night. They claim he had plenty of help.

"Other suspects in the case have been charged after the fact suspects," says Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg. "His mother and his mother's boyfriend."

Investigators said Henderson’s mother and her 31-year-old boyfriend were part of a group that brought Tavores Henderson to the Sterling Inn motel on the 2500 block of the South Loop West near NRG. It was 12:15 Wednesday morning -- just a few hours after Sullivan was killed.

Hotel management tells Channel 2 that surveillance cameras show Tavores Henderson, a black male, a black female, and a white male arrive just after midnight. They were in a red Scion -- similar to one is owned by the boyfriend Wheeler. Managers say the four checked into room 208 -- but Tavores Henderson only stayed there until 3:30 a.m. They say he didn't sleep in either of the beds or even use the towels. 3:30 was when someone in a white Cadillac came and picked up Tavores and he never returned to the hotel.

Channel 2 investigator Joel Eisenbaum broke the news of the arrests to Geoffrey Wheeler’s parents at their Missouri City home. Posts on social media paint the picture of Wheeler and Henderson’s mother as a couple madly in love. Wheeler’s father says if his son indeed was involved -- love perhaps drove him in the wrong direction.

“Helping is one thing,” the father said. “This. I’m a pretty realistic man. This oversteps helping.”

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