Power failure: What warnings did ERCOT send and when?

Gov. Greg Abbott and several lawmakers have repeatedly said they don’t feel ERCOT officials adequately warned the public about the potential for extended blackouts.

ERCOT officials on the other hand said they weren’t expecting to have to take such drastic measures.

Below is a timeline of notices sent by ERCOT in the week before the storm and on the day the storm hit Texas.

Countdown to a storm

This timeline is derived from Operating Messages put out by ERCOT. You can read all the messages here.

On February 8, ERCOT notified power generators freezing temperatures were on the way and would last from February 11 to 15.

“Review fuel supplies, prepare to preserve fuel to best serve peak load, and notify ERCOT of any known or anticipated fuel restrictions, Review Planned Resource outages and consider delaying maintenance or returning from outage early, Review and implement winterization procedures. Notify ERCOT of any changes or conditions that could affect system reliability,” the rest of the notice read.

Similar notices went out on February 10, 11 and 13.