What can be done about sky-high water bills in Pearland?

PEARLAND – KPRC 2 Investigates has been looking into complaints about excessively high water bills in Pearland.

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Dai Nguyen is a single mother who moved to Pearland, from Friendswood three months ago. She said she was really worried about all that cash she’s going to have to shell out to the city for her unusually high water bills.

“It makes absolutely no sense,” Nguyen said.

“My bill is at least double compared to what I was paying prior in Friendswood,” she added.

In Friendswood, Nguyen said, she was paying less than $200 a month for water in a house about the same size as her home in Pearland.

“I got a call from the city (Pearland) saying I need to pay my bill, it’s going to get shut off,” Nguyen said. “When I looked at the bill it was almost $600.”

Across town, Ernest Lewis works with a local charity, Adult Reading Center Inc. Because of the pandemic, the non-profit is already struggling financially and Lewis said it has also been crushed by huge water bills. He said the water bill used to average about $93 a month.

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