50 memorable moments Houstonians have shared about Bill Balleza

Bill Balleza reporting
Bill Balleza reporting (KPRC)

HOUSTON“At a Texans game, before the game, the Channel 2 gang was walking by me. I said my Channel 2 family would you take a picture with me. Bill stop and said they would be happy to. That was a great moment.” -Julian C.

“Congratulations and you’re new journey bill will miss you a friend of Chuck. Milton” -Milton M.

“He could deliver the news with such professionalism. He has a very calming voice. Thanks Bill for your Service. You will be missed very much. Have to say this, very easy on the eyes.” -Eneida

Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza
Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza (KPRC)

“I absolutely love KPRC Bill is one of the main reasons why. I will truly miss Bill’s humor and his REAL personality.” -Iantha M.

“I remember since I was young my dad would watch ch 2 news.we always looked forward to Bill Balleza because he always was empathetic with the people he reported on we will miss him .but he deserves family time because he had to put his own family second to his news family and audience.thanks for that and thanks to your family for allowing you to let us be part of your family.” -Anonymous

“I remember watching Mr. Balleza on the lunchtime news before I would go to afternoon kindergarten at Sinclair Elementary. I would eat my PBJ and Cheetos and watch the news every day with Mom or Dad. The cool part was coming home to Houston for the holidays year after year and turning on the news and seeing Mr. Balleza still on the news! I’m 47 now and do not ever remember Houston news without him. Enjoy your retirement!” -Stephen F.

Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza
Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza (KPRC)

“Bill, You have always been our journalistic voice of common sense and reason. Professional yet empathetic. This city will miss you. Thank you for your years of service for our country and community. Happy Trails!” -Diane H.

“You could always trust the news from Bill. Ran into him at the Chevron filling up his truck a couple of times he’s genuinely friendly.” -Steven M.

“Bill Balleza sent a camera crew to St. Luke’s Hospital when I had Houston’s Bicentennial twins. They were born on July 4, 1976 America’s 200th Birthday! Our three-year-old daughter was able to watch us on Channel 2 News that evening!! We were all so amazed that Bill took an interest in our Family! Enjoy knowing you did great work! Our daughter’s names are Amy & Anya Mace.” -Bev M.

Looking back: Bill Balleza served in Vietnam before becoming an anchor

“Bill I have watched you for five years. I have lived here and loved you. You are so honest, kind, and comforting when the world looks so messed up. You were there my trusted friend. I wish you the best in the coming yrs. It’s amazing the personal relationship we viewers feel we have with a great newsman.” -Sue V.

“Hi Bill! You’re a Houston treasure. I’m a Flight Attendant and had you onboard a Continental flight to London years ago. I was so impressed that you introduced yourself to the crew and customers seated nearby. Many times, familiar faces don’t act as nicely as you hope they would. You did just fine!!! Enjoy your retirement and thank you for all you’ve done for Houston!” -Anonymous

Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza
Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza (KPRC)

“Wow, I am short of words to describe an amazing anchor. Always professional even in the hardest news given. He will be missed dearly. Mr. Balleza enjoy your next phase in your life and thank you for your dedication.” -Alicia R.

“Bill, we will certainly miss seeing you deliver the news on Channel 2. I am a native Houstonian of 69 years old and have always been a Channel 2 viewer, and you and your very dry wit and love of Whataburger have been my favorite anchor through the years! Please enjoy your retirement, it is well earned!! Adios!!” -Vicki G.

“At the Veterans Day parade in Houston. He looked at into the audience and noticed a fellow marine who had saved his life in Vietnam. It was gut-wrenching to say the least. Thus, even in a moment of self-recognition he paused to show his respect for a Brother In Arms. That instance exemplifies his true character and respect for his fellow man.” -Ron C.

“He’s a man of integrity. A Marines Marine.. He will be missed.” -T D P

“As a 22 year Veteran - I have always respected US Marine Bill Balleza and his proud selfless-service to our country. It always made the news he reported valid, as he is forever dedicated to the core values of honor, courage and commitment. God Bless you Sir. Enjoy every day.” -Bradley O., US Army, Ret

Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza
Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza (KPRC)

“Bill’s voice is a calming factor in a sea of chaotic news stories.” -Anonymous

“Bill was my intro to Houston when I moved here in 2007. He made Houston feel like home. I have always appreciated his honesty, positive attitude and appreciation of the military. Enjoy your retirement it is well deserved but you will be greatly missed.” -Ann P.

“As a little brown boy who loved to watch the news, I remember seeing Bill Balleza on tv every day and feeling a sense of familiarity. For decades, he has held open the door for aspiring Latinx journalists like me to walk through. A Houston icon, but also a major inspiration.” -Brandon R.

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“Bill Balleza joined KPRC about the same time I was striking out on my own. I feel like we grew into our careers together. He has always been someone I trust to present the true story. He has meant a lot to the Houston community. I will miss watching him, but I wish him well in his retirement.” -Anonymous

“We will miss Bill and his overall presence. His love for Houston, his faith and the military. Happy Retirement Bill, you will be missed!” -Linda B.

“Thank you Bill for rescuing our daughter Emily when she somehow got badly pinned by the seatbelt in the back of the Porters’ BMW in front of your house. Only you would have a pocket knife in hand for this occasion to cut her free, when Joe, Julie, Jennifer and I were busy having fun at a holiday party. Much appreciated." -Gary D.

Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza
Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza (KPRC)

“He became one of my favorite TV anchors when he spoke at my graduation in 1994!” -LaRhonda W.

“There have been many special moments you have given your viewers over your many years at Channel 2. But, I have selected a shopping memory between you and one of your daughters, years ago! On a Saturday, there was a “dad/daughter” moment at The Express store in Sharpstown Mall. I was there with my daughter (probably 12 or 13 at the time) and your daughter was trying on clothes. You smiled in passing, as you went with her to select another ensemble. She would come out of the dressing room and ask for your approval on the outfit she had chosen. I remember your patience and your kind words to her on each and every outfit she modeled for you. I thought it was just a real sweet moment!” -Linda D.

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“Bill was welcomed into my home every night he aired on TV. I always enjoyed him, Dee and Frank. They are the team who made the joke’s. Made you laugh through anything. Bill made my heart Happy. He will be missed so much.” -Anonymous

“I met Bill Balleza the first time back in the late 80′s when I worked for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston and Bill did the Wednesday’s Child segment on Channel 2 to high light a child on the waiting list. The agency received several calls when that segment aired. Thank you Bill for all that you’ve done to help the citizens of Houston. You will be greatly missed! Here’s wishing you the very best!!” -Kirk M.

“When I learned that Bill Balleza was a Marine and served our country during the Vietnam War, it gives me great admiration for him. I’m from a Marine family. Semper Fi Bill.” -Barry D.

Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza
Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza (KPRC)

“I only watch Bill. He is a consummate professional. He knows and loves Houston and the people. His kindness and compassion transcend television. He is a rare gem and he will be greatly missed.” -Anonymous

“When our family first moved to the Houston area in 1992, we tried watching all 4 major Houston networks for the news. We kept watching KPRC because of Bill Balleza, and decided it was going to be the news channel for our family. Bill, your warmth, calm voice, sense of humor, compassion for people and love of Houston, unbiased reporting, and your positive attitude made us feel you were part of our family. You might as well been sitting in our living room! Thank you, Bill, for choosing to be part of Houston and the KPRC family......and ours! We will miss you and wish you all the very best in your retirement!” -Lynette A.

“I remember being so scared during hurricane IKE and hearing Bill say “if you can hear my voice, you will be ok!” Made me feel so much better, I have always trusted Bill and KPRC and will miss him a lot!” -Jennifer C.

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"You have always been one of our favorites on the news. You will be very missed. Love that you like Whataburger, as well. People connect to you, personal and informative. -Marcia F.

“One of the “news folk” I grew up within the 1970s. A hearty laugh, and the true spirit of a Houston News Anchor through good times and bad. When I returned home from college in the ‘80s and from living in another state after that, I always looked forward to seeing “my” KPRC family.” -John W.

“I met him in 2014 when my son graduated from Marine boot camp in San Diego CA. As a former Marine, he was covering Iron Bill Dowling sons graduation at the same time. Nice guy!” -Kelly D.

Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza
Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza (KPRC)

“His professionalism night in and night out made my family and I choose KPRC2 / Click2Houston to be our permanent news source every day/night for the last 25 years” -Mark S.

“I grew up watching Bill. Back in 1982 I was flying out of Hobby for Thanksgiving. It was my first semester as a communication major at SFA. Bill was there doing a live shot on holiday travel. I watched him and his photographer do their thing...thinking the whole time “I want to be part of THAT.” Thanks for decades of service and for your inspiration, Bill! Enjoy retirement!!” -Greg D.

“Bill. I’m a native and I have watched you here the whole time. Channel 2 is my station. Thank you for your love of country (service), and for the following years, you showed your love of our community it has been my sincere privilege to share these years with you. You make me Houston Proud. OORAH!” -Jon E.

“We are native Houstonians. Have watched you my whole life. Will miss your integrity, wit, humor and much more. You are the best news anchor on tv and I honestly don’t know who I will watch after Friday. Have a beautiful retirement and thank you for your service in the military and on the news.” -Ary D.

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“Always enjoyed watching the news when you were in front of the camera! Hard to believe 50 years have passed since your first newscast. May the LORD bless you, and your family as you enjoy your hard-earned retirement!” -Lynda W.

“Forty years ago, when my son was 4 years old, I took him to the barbershop. After his hair was cut he looked in the mirror and asked me Do I look like Bill Balleza?” I said yes you do my love and kissed him. True story. We’ve been watching Bill Balleza for a very long time. Congratulations on your retirement!! Enjoy it.” -Guadalupe P.

"We will miss you Bill Balleza. You are the news anchor that sticks in my memory from when we first moved from San Antoine to Houston back in the ’70s. A very big gap is going to be left when you retire." -Sis L.

Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza
Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza (KPRC)

“He will be greatly missed, but he deserves his well-earned retirement. Enjoy your time with your family, Bill!” -Marilyn M.

“There sadly comes a day for these decisions by those we have come to know through our TV friendship! Such a class act and gentleman. He and Dominique have been a wonderful duo!! Best wishes for a happy retirement!!” -Carole B.

“He certainly is going to be missed. When Houston is in crisis we turn in to hear his calm and steady voice explain what’s going on, without all the theatrics and hysteria. I’m sure he’s so excited to start his new life chapter and we wish him only the best!” -Charlotte M.

“I’m not ready either. Every time you guys talk about him leaving, I get teary-eyed. He will be missed, no ifs, ands or buts.” -Eneida E.

“Bill, your faithful reporting of the news in an honest manner will be missed! Praying your next trade is just as rewarding!” -Kay A.

Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza
Viewer shares memorable moment on Bill Balleza (KPRC)

“Have fun Bill and know how much you will be missed on TV, but will always live on in our hearts. Thanks for allowing us in your life, and being a pure delight to watch. You are the REAL deal, and appreciate that in news and journalists. No one will ever be able to match your wit and humor. “What-A-Anchor”!!♥️🍔🍟” -Philis S.

“I’ve grown up in Houston and Bill has been apart of my life for almost 40 years! I’m going to miss you Bill. Enjoy your retirement.” -Shari H.

“Bill sir, thank you for your services and things you have done for Houston and you are always family in my eyes. Thank you again” -Ruben G.

“I remember in high school riding the HISD school bus, & one of my best friends lived right next door to Bill Balleza. She always had wonderful things to say about him. We waved hi to him, & felt so important to know him. He has always worked hard in the Houston community. Happy Retirement...we will miss you on the news. He is a real true icon for Houston, more than a news reporter. He has a heart of gold!” -Kathleen S.

"I met Bill when I was in elementary school and he was a local celebrity attending one of the first Cinco de Mayo celebrations in Houston. So humble and friendly when I asked him for his autograph. Thank you, Bill!" -Erika H.

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Thank You Bill Balleza
Thank You Bill Balleza (KPRC)