Legendary KPRC 2 anchor Bill Balleza says goodbye to TV and shares his retirement plans

From one craft to another, the Houston TV icon gives us a sneak peek of life after news

HOUSTON – After a remarkable 49-year career, legendary KPRC2 anchor, Bill Balleza, is retiring from television.

Throughout his years as journalist, he’s become a Houston icon and has left a mark for his professionalism and respect to viewers.

Now that he’s less than one week away from starting the next chapter in his life, he shared with Houston Life what that moment will mean for him.

“It’s going to be weird giving up that routine and the daily contact with you guys. I mean, my colleagues here, my best friends. I truly have one or two friends outside of this building and that’s it. So, that’s going to be a tough adjustment,” said Balleza about what will happen after he says goodbye to viewers and co-workers at Channel 2.

Bill Balleza
Bill Balleza (KPRC)

Balleza, a San Antonio native, joined KPRC 2 News in 1980 as a reporter and anchor, and has excelled leading the news coverage on and off the field.

“I just love this job so much. News is about people. And if you love people and what happens to people it’s a great profession,” said Balleza, who reflected on one of the stories that stands out to him on his nearly 50-year career.

“The election of Pope Francis. There I was, reporting that live at that night in Rome. I think that’s my favorite story,” said Balleza.

Bill Balleza reporting from The Vatican
Bill Balleza reporting from The Vatican (KPRC)

Balleza is also a craftsman and he shared what he plans to do after his retirement.

“I’ll be home doing some woodworking. Journalism is a craft; woodworking is a craft. I’m just transitioning from one craft to another. We have an editing process in journalism, and in woodworking you make mistakes all the time you are having to fix. So, there’s so much of an overlap there,” said Balleza, who showed us some of the beautiful keepsake boxes he creates.

Bill Balleza's keepsake boxes
Bill Balleza's keepsake boxes (KPRC)

Balleza’s last newscast is Friday, Jan. 31 at 10 p.m. on KPRC Channel 2.

To see Balleza’s complete interview, watch the video above.

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