Man shot, killed by 3 officers in Montgomery County

WILLIS, Texas – A man was shot and killed Tuesday by officers in Montgomery County.

According to Montgomery County deputies, authorities tried to stop a speeding vehicle about 9 p.m., which turned into a chase when the driver refused to stop.

The driver -- who was later identified as 45-year-old Christopher Noe -- was able to evade police, but the vehicle was later found at a home in Willis to which the vehicle was registered.

Authorities from several agencies converged on the home but left after being unable to located Noe, deputies said.

Deputies said authorities later returned to the home and found Noe inside. When authorities entered the home, they ordered Noe to surrender, deputies said. Noe pulled out a knife and officers shocked him with a Taser, deputies said. The Taser was ineffective at stopping Noe, and officers from three different law enforcement agencies pulled out their guns and shot him, deputies said.

The officers involved in the shooting were from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, Panorama Village Police Department and the Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constable's Office.

KPRC 2 reporter Vincent Crivelli spoke with Noe's son, Jared, who said he doesn't understand why three officers opened fire.

"I get a call at 6 o 'clock in the morning saying my dad was killed by three police officers in my grandmother's room," Jared said. 

According to Jared, his father "had his issues," but the shooting was not necessary.

"For three of them to shoot one person because a Taser was ineffective is absolutely absurd," Jared said. "Why did they shoot him inside of the bedroom and leave the blood and everything else for my grandmother -- his mother -- to clean up? That is unacceptable."

Deputies said an investigation is being conducted by the Texas Rangers, the state's investigative agency, as well as the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office.

Noe had four open warrants for a variety of crimes, including assault, stealing a motor vehicle, and theft.

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