Houston mayoral candidate Demetria Smith arrested, charged after Seabrook traffic stop

Demetria Smith

HOUSTON – Houston mayoral candidate Demetria Smith was on her way to a mayoral forum Monday when she was pulled over and arrested in Seabrook.

Smith, who was pulled over in the 2400 block of N. Repsdorph Road, is charged with interfering with the duties of a public servant. 

Smith missed the forum as a result of her arrest. 

After she was released from jail, she posted a lengthy Facebook Live video discussing what happened. 

"Ok y'all I've been kind of running around since I got out of police -- released from jail," she said on Facebook Live. "Got my car back, so I've been kind of running around, trying to catch up with everybody's messages and inboxes and phone calls. … I love my Facebook community…for being very supportive of me especially with what I went through in jail that night."

The video has been viewed more than 600 times and shared more than 100 times, as of this writing.

You can watch the full video below.

About that night

Posted by Demetria Smith on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Recently, Smith made headlines for making a series of Facebook posts in late summer claiming she was being attacked by members of the gay community for her views on whether she would support another equal rights ordinance, similar to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance that failed at the ballot box in 2015. 

Some question Smith's language and accuse her of spreading hate, rumors, and lies. One post, in particular, drew the most ire:

"Houston have had too may gay mayors back to back and in city hall period it's time to get it straight," Smith posted on her Facebook page Friday morning.



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