Suspected drunken driver hits 3 different vehicles in 9-block span near Gulf Freeway, police say

HOUSTON – A suspected drunken driver has been arrested and accused of hitting three separate vehicles near the 10100 block of the Gulf Freeway.

Police said the driver hit all three vehicles in a nine-block span but refused to stop and render aid.

The woman allegedly pulled into the parking lot of a business to try to hide, but her car burst into flames and police quickly arrived at the scene.

The driver was arrested and charged with failure to stop and render aid and will be tested for DWI.

"She's in the police car over there, and she's crying saying she has a baby, but she caused all of this, so she’s going to have to suffer the consequences," said Sharon Allen, who arrived at the scene to check on her sister.

Allen’s sister was hit while driving on the Interstate 45. She lost control of the vehicle and hit an exit sign.

Allen said she was visibly shaken up and taken to the hospital.

"She’s a nervous wreck. I don't really think she's really hurt, but we just wanted her to go into the ambulance so they could make sure she's OK," Allen said.

Police said a few others were checked out at the scene but everyone is expected to be OK.