AMAZING BREAK DANCING BATTLE: Police officer, boy show off their moves

DENVER – A Denver police officer showed off his break-dancing moves when a 7-year-old boy busted a move recently, KCNC reported

"I was shocked," Jayden Anthony said. 

The break dancing battle between Jayden and Officer Thanarat went down on the 16th Street Mall. 
Phuvapaisalkij learned how to break dance 10 years ago and Jayden learned you never judge a book by its cover.

"I thought he was going to start dancing like, I didn't know he could break dance," Jayden said. 

But this encounter was so much more than two guys break dancing, according to Jayden's mom.

"We see a lot of negative things out there on the media about police," Vanessa Marquez said. "So this is something that makes you smile when you see a police officer getting friendly, dancing, just enjoying life."

"I felt like you know, that little moment was big for me because sometimes you go into work and don't always get the...nice reactions from the public," Phuvapaisalkij said. "One little moment like that really makes my day."