Brisket sparks massive house fire in north Houston

HOUSTON – A family is happy to be alive after a massive fire broke out at their north Houston home.

According to authorities, the fire broke out just after 3 a.m. Monday at the family’s house on Nora's Lane and North Main Street in the Independence Heights.

One neighbor said his dog started barking, so he went to see what the dog was barking about and saw flames coming from the house, police said. 

He rushed to the home and knocked on the door to wake up the family and help get them out before calling 911, authorities said. 

The mother and father and their two daughters were able to make it out safely, but the house and everything inside was a total loss, officials said. 

The Red Cross was called out to the scene to help the family.

“We requested Red Cross to the scene,” said Houston Fire Department Deputy Chief Blake White. “The family (said) that they did lose a lot of things, including all the children’s school supplies. Gonna see if the Red Cross can help with that.”

According to authorities, the family had been smoking a brisket in the back patio deck overnight and somehow that caused the blaze.