What went into the KPRC 2 Back 2 School promo?


It's Back 2 School season! The KPRC 2 News Today team is helping your family get back into the routine with back 2 school hacks from saving money to dealing with stress to surviving the carpool. Join our classroom with our newest classmate KPRC2 Taniya Wright weekdays from 4:30-7am. #KPRC2 #KPRC2Promo

Posted by KPRC2 / Click2Houston on Wednesday, August 7, 2019


On August 6, KPRC 2 launched the first of its new Back 2 School/Welcome Taniya Wright promotional spots. After its TV and social debuts, many viewers commented on social media with praises, combined with curiosity.

The KPRC 2 Promo team began the creative process on Thursday, July 25. On Friday, August 1, production began—and on August 6, the first promo hit air.

Here’s what went into making it all happen:


DEVELOP A CONCEPT. KPRC 2 Creative Services Producers Glorianne Quintero, Derek Stokely and Eric Greene sit on the KPRC 2 balcony to brainstorm. After less than an hour, they have their concept. The concept was later pitched to the Creative Services Director and approved.


WRITE. Two 30-second scripts are written and approved. Here’s the first one.


SHOOT A MOCK-UP. The KPRC 2 Promo team and other members of the staff participate in a mock-up. Mock-ups are used to determine whether or not the concept can be successfully executed.


PLAN. A production schedule is a very important component of every project we do. It takes attention to detail and a realistic estimate of how much time it will take to accomplish each shot.


LOOK FOR GREEN SHIRTS. The KPRC 2 Promo team scours the internet in search of green shirts that can be purchased immediately. Thank you, Walmart! The team heads to the store that day to pick them up.


LOOK FOR A SCHOOL: The KPRC 2 Promo team needed a classroom with a particular style of desk. That made finding a school even more challenging. Thank you to The Imani School! The Imani School had just the right classroom and desks, and the staff were more than happy to lend a classroom for the day.


LOOK FOR KIDS. The KPRC 2 Promo team reaches out to friends and staff members in search of children to act as the students.


SHOOT WITH THE KPRC 2 NEWS TODAY TEAM. Thursday, at 8 a.m., shooting begins in Studio B on the green screen (aka chroma key) with Owen, Taniya, Jennifer, Britta, Haley and Amy.


SHOOT WITH THE KIDS. Later in the day, the KPRC 2 Promo team heads to The Imani School to shoot the classroom scenes with Gabriel, Riley, Emma, Olivia, Lily and Sophia.


EDIT. Friday, the editing begins. Derek Stokely spends hours editing the KPRC 2 News Today team’s heads on the children’s bodies.


APPROVAL, TWEAK, AIR. The Creative Services Director makes constructive suggestions and approves the spot. The Vice President/General Manager then signs off on it before it hits air.

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