The new approach to treating hereditary hair loss

MIAMI, Fla. – South Florida hair transplant specialist Dr. Alan Bauman has come up with a new surgical approach to treating hereditary hair loss. The condition affects about 85% of men over 50.

But women experience it, too. About 40% of women report thinning hair as they age.

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month and there’s a new treatment option available.

What is this new surgical approach?

It’s called PDO Grow and it involves having threads placed into the scalp in areas where hair has been lost.

How does it work?

The scalp is numbed and Bauman inserts the threads. The presence and absorption of the threads are believed to stimulate collagen production and activate fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen and other fibers. Bauman said that, when there’s new collagen formation, there’s new blood vessel formation, triggering growth factors. He said the procedure does not create new follicles, but it enhances or rejuvenates weakened follicles.

What are the results?

Margie Maxwell underwent the procedure after noticing thinning hair. She said she noticed more volume and density after the procedure and that hair was growing in areas where her hairline was receding.

How long does it last?

It will vary from patient to patient, according to Bauman. He said the threads dissolve over time, which means that, in order to maintain the results, the process needs to be repeated.

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