Woman sues contractor after walking into glass window at Kroger, lawsuit says

CONROE, Texas – A woman is suing a general contractor for Kroger after she walked into a "clear, floor-to-ceiling window," according to a lawsuit.

The woman is suing LaGrone Services, Ltd., for negligence and is asking for between $200,000 and $1 million.

What she said happened

The woman said she was shopping at the Kroger Marketplace at 341 South Loop 336 in Conroe on April 17, according to the lawsuit.

As the woman was leaving the store, she "walked toward what appeared to be an open doorway," the lawsuit said. "Instead of a doorway, (the woman) walked directly into a clear, floor-to-ceiling window."

The lawsuit claims the woman sustained serious injuries.


The lawsuit claims LaGrone Services did not place warning markers on the window.


The woman is asking to be paid for past and future medical expenses, past and future physical pain and suffering, past and future physical impairment, past and future physical disfigurement and past and future mental anguish.