Fixer-uppers of the future? Galveston’s real-estate gems begging for restoration, love

1103 Tremont in Galveston County (Galveston Historical Foundation)

GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas – Galveston County has a ton of fixer-uppers begging for renovation, restoration and love, and now, the community can look at some of the properties in the greatest need of transformation.

Galveston Historical Foundation is out with their list of historic sites that are at risk of being lost. The “danger” can be in the form of damage, neglect or proposed development.

The group says the purpose of the list is to “highlight the area’s endangered resources, garner public support and assist property owners in preserving the sites any way possible.”

It’s unclear from the list whether the properties are available for sale, auction or otherwise.

The Bolivar Lighthouse
3312 Ave K
2813-2815 Ave K
1103 Tremont in Galveston County


Members of the community as well as visitors nominate sites. The Heritage at Risk List is not limited to just buildings but includes landscapes, sites, objects, and monuments that compose the cultural landscape of Galveston County. To be included, the sites must be locally, regionally or nationally significant, have an identifiable threat to their preservation such as proposed demolition, critical damage, or significant deterioration, and the preservation of the site will contribute to the promotion of Galveston County’s heritage.

To nominate a site within Galveston County, take a photo and share it via Instagram with the tag #ghfheritageatrisk with a note on why the location warrants a preservationist’s eye.

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