Friends plan to honor homeless man who was shot to death by security guard last month

HOUSTON – Friends of a homeless man who was killed by a security guard in southeast Houston in June plan to honor his life.

Michael Haynie, 63, died on June 18 outside Sun Washateria in the 7800 block of Bellfort Street.

What happened

Houston police said a security guard, who was later identified as 27-year-old Lance Campbell, was charged in connection with the death of Haynie.

Star Protection Agency confirmed that Campbell was one of its security guards who patrolled the area near the washateria.

Crowson said Campbell had seen Haynie in the area Monday. During that encounter, Campbell told the man to stay away or he would seek trespassing charges against him, according to police.

Around 9 p.m. that Tuesday, Campbell spotted Haynie rummaging through a dumpster and throwing trash out of the bin, police said.

Campbell told police that, when he approached Haynie, Haynie became aggressive and walked toward him. Campbell fired one shot, killing the man, police said.

Surveillance video obtained from the property contradicted Campbell’s story, according to police. On Wednesday, the guard made his first appearance before a probable cause court judge and, in the courtroom, prosecutors said investigators determined the statements Campbell made were not consistent with the evidence found at the scene.

Prosecutors said the video police viewed shows Campbell approaching Haynie, turning over the victim’s cart, then drawing a gun on the man.

The video goes on to show Campbell leaving and returning a minute later wearing gloves to do a chest compression, according to prosecutors.

Campbell was charged with murder.

Who was Spike?

Haynie, also known as Spike, was a member of Urban Animals. The roller skaters group comprised of hundreds of people recently celebrated its 40th anniversary with one less member. Pen Morrison, an Urban Animals, member, said they learned of Haynie’s death by seeing it on the news.

“We found out that a homeless man had been shot by a security guard and it turned out to be our friend Spike,” Morrison said.

Only child

Several friends told KPRC 2 that Haynie was an only child. Both of his parents died when he was younger. Friends described him as being funny, a lover of music and a gentleman. They said the 63-year-old had chronic back pain, which caused him to lose his job and ultimately led him to live on the streets.

“Him being homeless was just the very end of a very long life with many twists and turns,” Morrison said.

What did Campbell say?

KPRC2 went by Campbell’s Missouri City home on Monday. Campbell answered the door but said he had no comment. Star Protection Agency confirmed to KPRC 2 that it relieved the security guard from his duty on June 24.

Morrison said she wants Campbell to know he took the life of a wonderful person who was more than a man living on the street.

“People are very concerned about wanting to honor his memory and not just have him shown as just a homeless person because we feel that no homeless person is just a homeless person,” she said. “Everybody had a long story and jobs and friends and lives way before they became homeless.”

Honoring Haynie

The Urban Animals group plans to honor Haynie on July 28 at Rudyard's British Pub and Grill from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. They also plan to attend Campbell’s next court appearance on July 22.

Haynie will be cremated. Plans for his ashes are still being decided.