High school football equipment stolen by two thieves

HOUSTON – A Little League football coach said he was scammed into buying stolen football equipment and wants to clear his name after video showed him moving the sled to this truck.

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Tommy Rodriguez helped start the 713 Cardinals, a Little League team on the south side of town that has more than 100 kids on it.


What happened

"I was just a victim of circumstances, but at the same time, he didn’t make me do nothing, you know, he actually, he deceived me and that’s more of an embarrassment on my part that I was so deceived that I should have known better,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said he was looking to buy cheap sleds to help advance his football team.

Help from Facebook

He said someone he knows through acquaintances, who is also a coach on the Northside, reached out to him on Facebook.
"He messaged me for about two days, finally I was able to go meet with him, the first sled we picked up I didn’t know it was stolen from Booker T. Washington a year prior,” Rodriguez said.