'He lives to protect': Woman shares story of son who died while protecting girlfriend in shooting

HOUSTON – A man was shot and killed, while protecting his girlfriend during a robbery in northwest Houston, investigators said.

Marlin Jordan was known as a dependable friend and shoulder to lean on but to his mother, Kathy, he lives in her memory as her little boy.

“He was a sweet kid. He will be missed. It'll be hard to go on without him,” Jordan said. 

Kathy Jordan said her 26-year-old son was taken from her on Sunday morning. Houston Police said that he and his girlfriend had returned home from work when a man approached them outside of their apartment and demanded money. Marlin shielded his girlfriend from the gunman but they were both hit. 

“That was Marlin, that was Marlin,” Kathy Jordan said. "He lives to protect. He didn’t feel like anyone deserved to be mistreated. That was just Marlin.”

Police said the shooter stole a backpack and purse and took off. 

Kathy said that as much as she wants answers she wants Marlin's memory and who he was, to be celebrated. 

“When he knew you needed him he found a way. He walked, he drove, got a ride -- he got to you,” she said.

The family is making funeral arrangements. A GoFundMe account has been established to help with expenses. 

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