Investigators obtain phone records of Maleah Davis' stepfather

HOUSTON – Investigators have obtained the cellphone records of Maleah Davis’ stepfather, according to court records.

That document is a search warrant showing investigators wanted to use the records of Derion Vence’s personal cellphone to determine who Vence called before and after 4-year-old girl's disappearance on April 30.

“A call history log will reveal with whom the defendant, Vence, communicated after the last time Maleah is seen on camera,” the document read.

The warrant, which was executed prior to last week’s discovery of remains in Arkansas, requested records from April 30 to May 15.

Maleah was last seen on surveillance cameras the morning of April 30 walking behind Vence at the family’s southwest Houston apartment complex.

Vence reported Maleah missing on May 4 and told investigators that he, Maleah and Maleah’s younger brother were attacked the day before when he stopped on a freeway to investigate a damaged tire. He said he was knocked out during the attack and when he regained consciousness, Maleah and the family’s car were missing.

Vence was later arrested and charged with tampering with evidence in connection with the case. He has been held in jail ever since.

Last week, community activist Quanell X said Vence confessed to him that he dumped Maleah’s body in Arkansas and that her death was the result of an accident. Human remains found in Arkansas were identified as those of Maleah.

This week, a court ordered Vence to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Police are trying to figure out which phone calls were made before Maleah's disappearance and who had access to the phone after the car left the hospital and was abandoned.

Editor's note: A previous version of this article said a warrant for Brittany Bowens' phone records was obtained, which is not correct. That information has been removed from the article.

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