Could Derion Vence's alleged confession complicate case against him?

HOUSTON – KPRC legal analyst Brian Wice says Quanell X's interview with the media about the confession Maleah Davis' stepfather, Derion Vence, allegedly made to him could complicate the case rather than help him get a stiffer sentence. 

Q: Why do you think Quanell X's discussion about Vence's alleged confession of dumping the body of Maleah Davis could complicate the case? 

Wice: Because if a judge concludes it was not a voluntary confession, it won't be admitted into court and the jury won't be able to use it. If the judge concludes it was a voluntary confession, that it will be allowed into evidence. 

Q: If the body is identified as Maleah, what charges could Vence possibly face with the discovery of the remains? 

Wice: Assuming the remains are of Maleah Davis, then charges could be upgraded to capital murder. That carries a sentence of life without the possibility of parole or a death sentence. If he's charged with capital murder, he will be held at no bond.