Veteran arrested for threats after forced removal of doorbell that helps with PTSD, family says

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HOUSTON – Channel 2 first reported the story Wednesday of Derek Gray being ordered by his apartment management to take down his Ring doorbell.

Gray told Channel 2 that he is a veteran of the Army and Air Force and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. He says the Ring doorbell helps him cope with his disability while providing a sense of security. 

“It’s what allows the ability to sleep at night,” Gray said.

A letter from management claimed that residents cited safety as one of the reasons for the Ring to be taken down. 

Video obtained by Channel 2 shows Gray reading a letter from management and stating the following, “The owner has received complaints that recordings are disturbing the rights, comfort, health, safety and convenience of others in the apartment community.”

However, Gray is now missing from the community. He was arrested over the weekend for a “terroristic threat,” according to a Harris County charging document.

Donald Gray, Derek’s father, expressed dismay Monday over his son’s arrest. 

“I was shocked,” Donald Gray said.

Derek Gray

The document also states that Gray made threats against his neighbor to a complex security guard, stating, “something will be happening to her very soon.” It also lists other alleged threats made, stating that he said, “I’m going to get her” as well as “I got guns,” as well Gray indicating he plans to “complete his mission” at the complex.

Donald Gray said his son is not a violent person. 

“I think they are trying to tear down his character,” he said.

As for Derek Gray’s explanation for everything that's happened? Donald Gray said his son believes it’s a form of retaliation. 

“He’s assuming that it’s revenge from a neighbor,” he said.

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