Cancer patient's medication stolen by thieves in southeast Houston

HOUSTON – A cancer patient is making a plea for the return of his medications after they were stolen by a group of thieves Thursday.

It was a terrible day for Christopher Perez. 

“I never thought something like that would happen,” he said.

Perez is suffering from cancer and his battle has been lengthy. 

“I’ve been fighting cancer for over two years,” he said. 

Following a routine CT scan, Perez learned that his cancer has spread. As a result, he decided to immediately drive to his mother’s home to tell her the devastating news. While on the way he and his caretaker stopped at a local pharmacy, where according to Perez, “I left with all my medication.”

While inside his mother’s home delivering the bad news, a couple of thieves broke into his vehicle. 

“They busted the window and took her purse and all my medication,” Perez said.

The cost to replace his medication is approximately $4,000, according to Perez, who says that's money he doesn’t have.

“The insurance isn’t going to cover another set of prescriptions so I have to find out how I am ... coming up with the money to pay for these prescriptions all over again,” he said.

The next day after the incident, Perez showed Channel 2 his busted vehicle. 

“I haven’t had the strength to go in there and sweep it out,” Perez said.

The most frustrating thing for Perez, the medication is specific to what is ailing him. 

“It’s my cancer medication. If they don’t have cancer, what is it going to do for them? It’s not going to do much for them,” he said.

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