Take a tour of a flooded Richmond neighborhood

RICHMOND, Texas – Room after room, Maria Jallu took KPRC2 on a tour of her Richmond home and all of the damage left behind from the recent floodwaters.

Jallu lives off Sycamore street near Rohan Road.

After several inches of rain recently came down in a matter of hours, several inches also made its way inside.

"We were just trying to stay calm because there’s nothing that we could do," Jallu said.

The water line is still visible throughout the house.

It seems far from a home with everything -- from furniture to appliances -- now gone.

Sadly, it’s the fourth time they’ve experienced a major flood event since 2015, including the Memorial Day floods, Tax Day floods and Hurricane Harvey.

"It’s, like, start from zero again. Start fixing the house. Start buying furniture. It’s like a nightmare," Jallu said.

It’s the same story next door at Salia Vargas’ home, which also took on water.

"I'm done. I mean, I can’t keep doing it ... doing this anymore," Vargas said.

Vargas believes new development in the area has led to worse flooding in the area. She's speaking with county leaders to see what can be done.

"When you build that high, what happens? The water gushes," Vargas said.

The water has gone down for now, but many families living along the street said they remain worried about future flooding.

"It will take a while, so we’re just trying to figure it out what we’re going to do day-by-day," Jallu said. 

A GoFundMe account has been made to help get the family on their feet. Click here to donate.

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